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Different Online Business Models (5) – Killer Sales for 1 Product

What is a Killer Sale for 1 Product?  It is a sales letter that kills!!  It is a one page sales letter that entices your potential customer to purchase your that 1 product.  You focus on marketing your ONLY product.  Once you have had success in marketing your ONLY product, you may want to up-sell affiliate products.

Killer Sales Letter

Key Components of a Killer Sales Letter]

You must have a Product of your own.  If you do not have a product of your own to market and sell, you can purchase a product with resell rights.  Most of the time, a product with resell rights will also provide you with a Sales Letter to market the product, much like the ‘Super Affiliate’ Online Business Model.

You must write a Killer Sales Letter.  Writing a Killer Sales Letter is not an easy task.  You must create a very compelling description of your product that targets the right prospects so that they won’t hesitate to click on the ‘Buy Now’ while they are at your site.


  1. Go to to search for affiliate products with resell rights.
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Different Online Business Models (4) – Become a Super Affiliate

What is a Super Affiliate?  An Affiliate is someone who markets other people’s products.  You don’t have your own products to sell but you make marketing other people’s product your main priority.  A Super Affiliate is someone is does exceptionally well in marketing other people’s products.


Of course, you don’t market other people’s product for nothing.  YOU MARKET OTHER PEOPLE’S PRODUCTS FOR A COMMISSION!!

And for the Online Business Model, your main monetizing avenue is through MARKETING OTHER PEOPLE’S PRODUCT FOR A GOOD COMMISSION!!

Key Components of a Super Affiliate

  1. You must have quality products to represent.  Quality products will build your reputation and your customers will likely to be satisfied with your products.  Do you want a dis-satisfied customer?  No!  That’s why selecting a quality product to represent is very important.
  2. You must join a good affiliate program.  As you are making your money through the selling of other people’s products, your income comes from the commissions for selling these products.  Forget the measly 5% or 10% commission for every sale you make.  Look for those that can command more than 60% so that your time is more justified.
  3. Your affiliate program must provide you with a good sales letter.  If your affiliate program does not provide you with a good sales letter, you may not want to represent them.  That’s because, without a good sales letter, the product won’t sell even if you market it properly.  You must remember that your main purpose as a Super Affiliate is to market other people’s products and not create a sales letter for them.


  1. Go to to search for affiliate products to market.
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Different Online Business Models (3) – Create and Online Shopping Mall

What is an Online Shopping Mall?  It is a website that contains a catalogue of items that you want to sell.  Here, the focus is on the many items that you are selling in your website.  As such, the more items that you have that people are interested to buy, the better it is.  In an Online Shopping Mall, you can sell anything from books, household items, DVDs, CDs or even digital products such as eBooks.

You play the role of the retailer (much like the retailer in an off-line business in the physical world).  Your main monetizing is from:

  1. Selling of products;
  2. Create a membership where you charge an annual free so that members can purchase your products at a discounted rate.


Key Components of an Online Shopping Mall

  1. You must have a GOOD THEME.  You cannot sell everything in your Online Shopping Mall.  Your customers will be confused.  You should be focusing on a particular theme, for example, selling of childrens’ clothes.  This way market will be more targeted and your customers will not be confused as to what you are selling.
  2. You must have a Web Store Front with a Shopping Cart.  Since you are selling many products, you need a website to showcase your products and a shopping cart to allow your customers to keep track of what you customers what to buy so that you will know what to ship to your customers.
  3. You must have a Search Tool.  Since you are selling so many products and there will be customers who will know what they want to purchase.  A Search Tool is to facilitate your customer to quickly find the items that he/she wants to purchase.  This is to quickly close the sale if your customers can find the items they wanted instead of browsing through the many catalogues that you have in your website.
  4. You must have a Payment Service Provider.  This is to allow your customers to pay by credit card after they made a purchase and for you to withdraw your money.


  1. Create your Online Shopping Cart at
  2. if you are technically savvy and want to setup and host your own Online Shopping Cart.
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Different Online Business Models (2) – Be an Expert

What do you mean by ‘Be an Expert’?  To be an expert, you must be the master of something.  You skills and knowledge in that area must be better than the average person.  For example, if you are a trainer or consultant, people will look up to you for advice are your area of expertise.

You will be selling your knowledge and skills.  In short, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT!!  As such, your website or Blog MUST be designed to sell YOU (or your team) and YOUR knowledge and skills.

In order to show that you an expert or a master in a certain area, you must:

  1. Share or showcase a lot of original articles or information written by you on your website;
  2. To increase your reputation as an expert, you can contribute actively in forums or Blogs;
  3. Set up an electronic publication to send out periodic newsletters to your subscribers

Once you have build up your reputation as an expert or a master of a certain field online, you can actually turn this to your advantage by monetizing your website through:

  1. Selling your service or products;
  2. Create a membership area in your website so that only paying subscribers are entitled to your more valuable information

Key Components of a ‘Be an Expert’

  1. You must have original articles or information.  With this, you will be seen as an expert in that area.
  2. Contribute actively in forums or Blogs.  More people will know you and realize that you are an expert.  This way, you build your reputation in your area further.
  3. Publishing newsletters.  Since you have written original articles or information, it is good to extend your readership further by sending out newsletters to your subscribers.


  1. Publish your expertise at
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Different Online Business Models (1) – Blogging

What is a Blog and what is Blogging?  A Blog is the short-form for Web-log (this is where the word Blog originates from).  The contents that are created by the owner of the Blog is a Blogger.  And normally, you will need to write on a regular basis in the style of a journal or diary.


The Blog is usually written in reverse chronological order.  The latest Blog Post will appear on top and Bloggers blogs for various reasons:

  1. To share the hottest news;
  2. To comment on the latest news;
  3. To make public his/her personal diary electronically; or
  4. To drive traffic

If enough hype is created, you will have a group of readers that will read your Blog frequently (of course, you must update your Blog frequently too!).  And you can actually turn this to your advantage by monetizing your Blog through:

  1. Marketing your own products;
  2. Selling other people’s products;
  3. Provide advertisements for other people

Key Components of a Blog

  1. You must have a Blog platform.  If you are technical savvy, you can set up and host your own blog.  Otherwise, you can use a 3rd party blogging platform.
  2. You must have a good Blogging ability.  You need not be perfect in your language.  However, you must write in a way that in is comprehensible to the readers.  In addition, you must be able to identify good topics to post in your Blog.  This will make your Blog interesting and readers that benefits from your Blog will keep coming back to your Blog.


  1. WordPress at to sign up for a free account.
  2. Blogger at to sign up for a free account.
  3. WordPress at if you are technical savvy enough to setup and install in your webs host.
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Why Online Business? (Part 1)

Why do you want to do Online Business?

Wider Market Potential

Through the Internet, the world has become smaller.  And as an individual, you can reach a worldwide market.  Billions of people are surfing on the Internet every day, irregardless of the location.  What’s alarming is that the number of people using the Internet is rapidly increasing.  This adds to the number of people who use the Internet to purchase items they cannot find locally or just don’t care where the product is shipped from, as long as they want it.  What do you think?  Does a global opportunity await you?


Lower Costs

The cost of setting up an Online Business (with a website), is much much lower than the cost of setting up a retail store.  You will need about an average of $3,000 to lease a retail store per month.  For an Online Business, look at the breakdown below:

  • Domain Name costs about $20 per year
  • Web Hosting costs about $150 per year
  • Online Web Advertising budgeted at about $1000 per year

The total cost for starting up an Online Business is about $1,170 annually compared to setting up a retail store, which already costs about $3,000 monthly.

Isn’t starting an Online Business affordable?

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