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Different Online Business Models (5) – Killer Sales for 1 Product

What is a Killer Sale for 1 Product?  It is a sales letter that kills!!  It is a one page sales letter that entices your potential customer to purchase your that 1 product.  You focus on marketing your ONLY product.  Once you have had success in marketing your ONLY product, you may want to up-sell affiliate products.

Killer Sales Letter

Key Components of a Killer Sales Letter]

You must have a Product of your own.  If you do not have a product of your own to market and sell, you can purchase a product with resell rights.  Most of the time, a product with resell rights will also provide you with a Sales Letter to market the product, much like the ‘Super Affiliate’ Online Business Model.

You must write a Killer Sales Letter.  Writing a Killer Sales Letter is not an easy task.  You must create a very compelling description of your product that targets the right prospects so that they won’t hesitate to click on the ‘Buy Now’ while they are at your site.


  1. Go to to search for affiliate products with resell rights.

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