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Different Online Business Models (4) – Become a Super Affiliate

What is a Super Affiliate?  An Affiliate is someone who markets other people’s products.  You don’t have your own products to sell but you make marketing other people’s product your main priority.  A Super Affiliate is someone is does exceptionally well in marketing other people’s products.


Of course, you don’t market other people’s product for nothing.  YOU MARKET OTHER PEOPLE’S PRODUCTS FOR A COMMISSION!!

And for the Online Business Model, your main monetizing avenue is through MARKETING OTHER PEOPLE’S PRODUCT FOR A GOOD COMMISSION!!

Key Components of a Super Affiliate

  1. You must have quality products to represent.  Quality products will build your reputation and your customers will likely to be satisfied with your products.  Do you want a dis-satisfied customer?  No!  That’s why selecting a quality product to represent is very important.
  2. You must join a good affiliate program.  As you are making your money through the selling of other people’s products, your income comes from the commissions for selling these products.  Forget the measly 5% or 10% commission for every sale you make.  Look for those that can command more than 60% so that your time is more justified.
  3. Your affiliate program must provide you with a good sales letter.  If your affiliate program does not provide you with a good sales letter, you may not want to represent them.  That’s because, without a good sales letter, the product won’t sell even if you market it properly.  You must remember that your main purpose as a Super Affiliate is to market other people’s products and not create a sales letter for them.


  1. Go to to search for affiliate products to market.

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