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Different Online Business Models (2) – Be an Expert

What do you mean by ‘Be an Expert’?  To be an expert, you must be the master of something.  You skills and knowledge in that area must be better than the average person.  For example, if you are a trainer or consultant, people will look up to you for advice are your area of expertise.

You will be selling your knowledge and skills.  In short, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT!!  As such, your website or Blog MUST be designed to sell YOU (or your team) and YOUR knowledge and skills.

In order to show that you an expert or a master in a certain area, you must:

  1. Share or showcase a lot of original articles or information written by you on your website;
  2. To increase your reputation as an expert, you can contribute actively in forums or Blogs;
  3. Set up an electronic publication to send out periodic newsletters to your subscribers

Once you have build up your reputation as an expert or a master of a certain field online, you can actually turn this to your advantage by monetizing your website through:

  1. Selling your service or products;
  2. Create a membership area in your website so that only paying subscribers are entitled to your more valuable information

Key Components of a ‘Be an Expert’

  1. You must have original articles or information.  With this, you will be seen as an expert in that area.
  2. Contribute actively in forums or Blogs.  More people will know you and realize that you are an expert.  This way, you build your reputation in your area further.
  3. Publishing newsletters.  Since you have written original articles or information, it is good to extend your readership further by sending out newsletters to your subscribers.


  1. Publish your expertise at

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