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Why Online Business? (Part 1)

Why do you want to do Online Business?

Wider Market Potential

Through the Internet, the world has become smaller.  And as an individual, you can reach a worldwide market.  Billions of people are surfing on the Internet every day, irregardless of the location.  What’s alarming is that the number of people using the Internet is rapidly increasing.  This adds to the number of people who use the Internet to purchase items they cannot find locally or just don’t care where the product is shipped from, as long as they want it.  What do you think?  Does a global opportunity await you?


Lower Costs

The cost of setting up an Online Business (with a website), is much much lower than the cost of setting up a retail store.  You will need about an average of $3,000 to lease a retail store per month.  For an Online Business, look at the breakdown below:

  • Domain Name costs about $20 per year
  • Web Hosting costs about $150 per year
  • Online Web Advertising budgeted at about $1000 per year

The total cost for starting up an Online Business is about $1,170 annually compared to setting up a retail store, which already costs about $3,000 monthly.

Isn’t starting an Online Business affordable?

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